Start of the Series!

The Story of Miss Moppet in the iTunes App Store.

We are pleased to announce that our first application in the series of Immersive Books "The Story of Miss Moppet" is available on the iTunes App Store in English and Russian versions.

The reason why our app is special and stays out from its competitors: All objects are active. In others app children really can’t find out why they touch and have no reaction. Our book solves this problem!

Our book is unique in Russian with its functional and in English language is one of the best. We hope you enjoy it!

The Story of Miss Moppet in the iTunes App Store. The Story of Miss Moppet in Russian on the iTunew App Store.

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Start of development

Today's children are very hard to get to read a book. They prefer to play with new gadgets. Like other developers, we decided that we should help the new generation to get acquainted with the classics of world children’s literature.

Chidren don't read books

We are pleased to announce that we started the development of an Immersive Book for iPad and iPhone. After much thought, a book of the famous english writer Helen Beatrix Potter, "The Story of Miss Moppet", was chosen.

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