12 chefs

12 chefs.

The development of the book "The Tale of Tom Kitten" is finished, it will soon appear on the iTunes App Store. Our team has already begun to develop the next book – "12 Chefs" by Daniil Kharms.

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"The Story of Miss Moppet" in German.

The Story of Miss Moppet in German.

We are pleased to announce about the release of the German version of the immersive book "The Story of Miss Moppet" - "Die Geschichte von Mieze Mozzi". It's a great book will help you learn German language. You can download our book on the iTunes App Store:

Die Geschichte von Mieze Mozzi Die Geschichte von Mieze Mozzi HD

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For a limited time, immersive book "The Story of Miss Moppet" is SALE on the iTunes App Store from 67% off!!!

The Story of Miss Moppet. Sales on the iTunes App Store!!! "The Story of Miss Moppet" English version.

"The Story of Miss Moppet" Russian version.

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