Pixel-Perfect Dynamic Fonts

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This plugin works with orthogonal and persperctive cameras. It is useful to get sharp texts.


  • Works with orthographic and persperctive cameras;
  • Works with Unity Text Mesh;
  • Simple to use;
  • Works in Editor.

How to use:

1. Select GameObject that contains TextMeshes in the Hierarchy or Project window. It is better to use on Objects in the Hierarchy window not on prefabs!.

2. Click "Tools/SO/Add SOPixelPerfect scripts" from top menu.

3. Plugin with add some scripts to the GameObject.

4. SOPixelPerfectTextMesh with be added to the GameObject:

Select when the script should work at runtime:

  • Work On Awake
  • Work On Start
  • Work On Update - rather expensive operation!
  • Work On First Update - checked by default

"Max Font Size In Pixels" - maximum size of one letter in font texture (by default 512).

If you have several cameras set right camera for "Text Camera" (if is not set - main camera is used).

5. You also can use SOPixelPerfectTextMesh.DoWork() from your code, when text size is changed.

6. If you want to delete all plugin scripts from an object, select it and click "Tools/SO/Remove SOPixelPerfect scripts" from top menu.

You can watch a simple tutorial, how to use this plugin on the YouTube:

Try apk demo on your android device!

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