12 chefs

12 chefs

The Chefs in this book comes alive with sound and interactivity! With this book your children will play and learn about new professions.

Daniil Kharms is the late absurdist Leningrad author, best known for his mini-stories. One of the odder, more eccentric figures of 20th Century Russian / Soviet literature, Kharms made a living as a children’s writer (even though he apparently disliked children) since none of his adult writing was ever published during his lifetime.

In the spirit of Soviet literature, we present to you a translation of Twelve Chefs, a very short children’s story by D. Kharms:

12 поваров.

I state that their are twelve chefs drawn on this page. However, they keep telling me that only one of them is a chef, that the rest aren’t chefs. Yet, if the rest aren’t chefs, than who the devil are they?

You can watch a sample video of our application on YouTube. Of course, it doesn't demonstrate all features and can't reproduce immersivity.

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